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Frequently asked Questions

We need you, how do we book?

Just say the word and I will send a booking form to let me know all the details of your special day. A non-refundable booking fee of £300 will be required to secure your date. The remaining amount will be invoiced 6 weeks prior to your big day with 7 days to pay.

What music should we choose?

The music accompanying your highlights film will be chosen for you, trusting me to create a film which captures all the emotions with music which compliments the feel of your day. Please understand that this is to ensure that the music is licensed to use on online and social media platforms.  I am totally flexible on the genre/mood of music you wish to have, your input is important! I can send my music licensing library for you to have a listen to when you have time.

Your feature film can contain any song choice as this will not be put on the Internet but shared privately via your password protected video link or a USB. If you wish to use licensed music throughout, just let me know.

Three songs are usually enough for the full-length film. It is best to choose a song to suit each part of your day, i.e. bridal prep, ceremony, reception + first dance.

How long will our film take to create?

Your short highlights reel will be with you within 1 – 3 weeks, in perfect time to banish the wedding blues!

Feature Films take a little longer than photographs to edit. I work on a timeline of 10-12 weeks. Full packages can take anything from 10 – 20 weeks from your wedding day to deliver.

Every wedding film is important to me, I like to take time and care to complete my films and I will keep you up to date via email and little snippets and sneak peeks on social media!

If your wedding is in the height of the summer there may be a short delay. I will keep you updated throughout the process and offer a preview for any initial changes you wish to make. Changes thereafter may be chargeable. I do not ‘photoshop’ people in my films, you are truly beautiful as you are!!

USBs will be sent out once your final film is approved.

How do we obtain the film?

Your film will be sent via an online link to review once edited. Once you have approved your Film, you will receive it as a downloadable link. If you have ordered one, a USB will be sent to your home via special delivery with Royal Mail.

What equipment do you use and how do you film?

I film in a natural, reportage style.  I travel as light as possible to ensure that you, your photographer and your guests are not overwhelmed. I use handheld Mirrorless / DSLR Cameras and simple audio devices on camera or if needed, a mic which is discreet and comfortable to wear. I work around your photographer taking their direction for your couple/group shots and will only ask for a few minutes of your time to get some footage of you together at a time which suits you. I will liaise with your photographer on the day and work out how they like to work and get the best footage possible for you. I work so well with photographers, we usually end up becoming great friends! No set up shots or time consuming equipment to set up. I work in a very non-intrusive fashion. I don’t want to lose time and miss any special moments so I capture your day as it happens.

We have guests who don’t want to be filmed:

That’s ok, not everyone is up for being on camera (myself included), just let me know or they will usually tell me themselves. I work very discreetly and people always comment that they didn’t even know they were being filmed. I’m very stealthy! The less people notice me, the better! I wear all black and am very friendly in order to capture the natural moments.

We don’t want bridal prep / We want groom prep / There are two brides or grooms:

If there is enough time, I can go to the second wedding party for 15-25 mins before coming to bridal prep depending on distance and parking availability. This time is usually used to capture any present opening or card reading and general getting ready. I’m always open to ideas! If you do not wish to have bridal prep, that’s fine also. However, please consider even just a few moments of your wedding attire, your wedding party getting ready or some extra footage of your venue before your guests arrive. Oh and I love filming pets too!!

Can you stay later?

Typically, I will depart around 8/9pm, after you first dance and a few songs into your party. However, don’t worry…I don’t clock watch, your package hours are just a guideline as weddings do have a habit of overrunning by 30 minutes or so. If you wish for me to stay later into the evening, there is an extra hourly charge, you can even decide this on the day if the party is really getting going!! If I need to stay over the night before, we can arrange this in advance.

We need a photographer!

I have a great network of amazing photographers, just let me know and I will send your all my recommendations to suit your style! Need a drone pilot? I know a few of those too!


I hold up to date Insurance and Public liability up to £2 million (increased upon request).

Why are their different styles of videos?

As I always say, no two couples are the same and no two weddings are the same. Some couples like the cinematic look with lots of couple shots and slow mo, some like a more raw and edgy feel and some couples just want to document the day naturally as it happens with no frills. I have even had requests for vintage ‘super 8mm’ film styles which are a personal favourite. Each style is filmed and edited in a different way so make sure to let me know which style you have chosen.

What does feature film mean?

I film from bridal prep to the first dance(and few song’s into the party….ESPECIALLY if your DJ plays old school Garage + RnB!)

I film in short clips (apart from your vows and each speech), This it’s  not 10 hours of continuous boring and flat footage. I run about like an athlete getting you and your guests and all the details and decor!

The feature film is my creative interpretation of your wedding day, a chronological adaptation and an extended highlights if you will. This is everything I have captured, minus the shake or un flattering shots (of up my nose or my feet) and any audio that does not fit the feel of the story. I do not include the entire speeches and vows in the 15-20 minute film…that would be impossible, instead these are set aside in a simple video of their own for you to watch through, should you want to relive them another time. The snippets of audio I use, are the bits that tell the story of you, and of your day. Often I start with a speech and end on on a high. Everything in between will transport you back to your day. Sometimes things can’t be captured due to time scales, or the odd person chasing to step in front of the camera. What is most important is the feel of the film, I want to take you through all the emotions but show the fun of your day, in a modern and timeless way. I absolutely don’t want you to look back at your film and cringe in years to come which is why I don’t follow trends and I wont allow myself to become too ‘weddingy’.

In essemce, your feature film is just that, it’s cinematic, its an adventure, not just videography. If you need to ask ‘did you get Aunt May chatting to my next door neighbour’ Then i’m not the girl for you! In the nicest possible way! The same also goes for if you want Ed Sheeran songs!! Sorry Ed! Mainly because I don’t wanna get sued for using his music, thats why I pay for copy right free music to use in my films.

I pick up the audio in a non intrusive manor, with very simple clip on pocket mics, the size of a thin highlighter pen. I also have a back up mic nearby, just incase. I will also mic up your celebrant or vicar, if they allow me to, I understand that this isn’t always possible and I go with the flow.

15-20 minutes is the sweet spot for the viewer to become fully immersed in the story, but not bored or wanting skip ahead (we’ve all fast forwarded a wedding film in our time, lets face it!). If you are wanting your full vows and speeches in your film, I can do this but lets have a chat and see what we can do.

If you have any questions just ask!